Upcoming Projects

Krissey is excited to take part in Evergreen Theatre Collective's production of The Winter's Tale on Saturday, November 14th at 8:30PM EST! 

October brings with it the filming of Shadow Side Media's short horror film This Thing! Krissey will be playing the shadow creature and co-worker! 


The Salisbury Post

"Krissey Browder is the youngest sister, Babe, who is in a heap of trouble so big it threatens to overwhelm all of them. Browder may have the toughest role of the three, and she handles it well, showing Babe’s range of emotions from elation to utter despair."

Broadway World

I was recently featured on an article for Broadway World regarding the virtual college showcase! Check out my spotlight!

I am Krissey Michele Browder,  an actor, singer, dancer currently located in North Carolina.

Krissey Michele Browder | 336.262.3597 | krisseybrowder@aol.com

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